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Privacy Policy and terms of service

Data confidentiality and security compromise

- EarnCC does not by any means sell or share databases. EarnCC will maintain the confidentiality of the received data and will not use them for any other end as previously mentioned. Likewise, we will adopt all the necessary measures to avoid changes, losses, unauthorized access or treatment of personal data.

- EarnCC does not sell or share your personal identification information (as your mobile phone number) with other businesses for it’s commercial use or marketing, by any shape or form.

- EarnCC will develop outstanding intellectual and technical efforts to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. We cannot, nevertheless, assure or guarantee the security of any information that you share, remaining exclusively under your own risk.

- In case that EarnCC would be acquired or fused with a third party, we reserve the right to transfer or assign the information that we collected from our users as part of said fusion, acquisition, sale or any other change in control.

- To protect your information, our credit card processing provider uses the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) safe transaction technology.

Rules of acceptable use and limitations

- All EarnCC users must follow this acceptable use policy. If you infringe this policy, we can suspend or cancel your account.

- By agreeing to these Terms, you promise to follow these rules:

1. You won't send spam! We mean "spam" as it is defined on the Spamhaus website (http://www.spamhaus.org/definition.html).

2. You won't use purchased, rented, or third-party lists of email addresses.

3. You won't promote share any unlawful and illegal activities

Earncc.com doesn't allow accounts with the primary purpose of promoting or inciting harm toward others or the promotion of discriminatory, hateful, or harassing Content. To this end, we may suspend or terminate your account if you send a Campaign or otherwise distribute any Content that we determine, in our sole discretion, contains either of the following:

- A Threat of Physical Harm. This means any statement, photograph, advertisement, or other Content that in our sole judgment could be reasonably perceived to threaten, advocate, or incite physical harm to or violence against others .

- Hateful Content. This means any statement, image, photograph, advertisement, or other Content that in our sole judgment could be reasonably perceived to harm, threaten, promote the harassment of, promote the intimidation of, promote the abuse of, or promote discrimination against others based solely on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, disease, or immigration status.

We also may suspend or terminate your account if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you are either:

●An organization that has publicly stated or acknowledged that its goals, objectives, positions, or founding tenets include statements or principles that could be reasonably perceived to advocate, encourage, or sponsor Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm;

●A person that has publicly made a comment or statement, or otherwise publicly made known a position, including by membership in an organization as discussed above, that could be reasonably perceived as Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm; or

●A person or organization that has acted in such a way as could be reasonably perceived to support, condone, encourage, or represent Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm.

If you violate any of these rules, then we may suspend or terminate your account.

Forbidden actions:

- Send spam, meaning, sending unsolicited massive messages.

- Share your password

- Apply reverse engineering of our software in our website, or in any way used or downloaded from the website.

- Transacting with individuals, companies and countries that are on prescribed sanctions lists.

- Source of fund and transaction involve or suspect related activities money laundering or terrorist.

- You state that you are older than 18 years of age, and are completely capable and competent to access the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, declarations and guarantees established in these Terms and Conditions., and comply with the Terms and Services.

- You state and guarantee that you are not in a country appointed by the US Government as a “Sponsor of Terrorism”.

- EarnCC may refuse to give the service, close accounts of any user and change the eligibility requisites at any moment.

For obvious logistical reasons, EarnCC cannot check or review all the content included in our services and because of this, we cannot be responsible of the material used in it. Moreover, EarnCC does not suggest that it approves or agrees with content circulating in the website, or that it is legitimate or inoffensive. You have to take the necessary measures to avoid viruses or any other dangerous content or activity. It is possible that inside our service, offensive content may exist or that technical information may not be checked or supervised. EarnCC is not responsible for any damages or liability resulted from users using our service.

As we are continuously updating the service, it is possible that the legal terms are also updated. If by any reason, you disagree with these changes, do not continue using our service. If you keep using our service, you will be accepting our new terms. Nevertheless, if any conflict arises prior to these changes, it will be managed under those.

EarnCC may, with our without cause, eliminate your access to parts or even all of our services at any time. If you want to drop out of this agreement, or if you want to stop using your EarnCC account, you may, simply by not using our service anymore. These terms and conditions will continue to exist even if you decide to stop using our service.

EarnCC does not guarantee that the service will remain without errors, or that access to it will always be uninterrupted. If your are actually reading this, you rock. Keep it up. You understand that you are using our service under your own risk.

EarnCC will not be liable for damages, for the cost of hiring products as substitutes, for interruptions or data losses or for any amounts higher than any purchase made by you to EarnCC during a 12 month period prior to your complaint.

You guarantee that you will strictly follow the terms and conditions detailed here as well as the privacy policy. You will also strictly follow the laws and regulations of your country and/or local authority. Moreover, you guarantee that you will not violate third party copyrights.

You agree to indemnify and not hold EarnCC.com accountable, it’s directors and employees of any claim or expense that arises from your use of our service, including the violation of this agreement.

Reporting Abuse

If you think anyone is violating any of these Terms, please notify us immediately. If you received spam you think came from Earncc.com Member, please report it to our abuse team. If you think anyone has posted material that violates any protected marks or copyrights, then you can notify us at